Princess Emily Pendragon


Had good grades, ran track. Business savvy and is still aiming for college… eventually. (After she helps save the Universe and finds a way home somehow).

Worked as a waitress on the weekend. Helped run the Dusky Road Tavern with her mother. Had a very low opinion of her younger brother but now maybe has a slightly better opinion.

Was Appointed to Director of Humanoid Resources for the Bard College by Wyatt.

Now updating her LinkedIn profile

Established herself in Camelot. Works in the Camelot library.

And now a through mystical magical mean is a werewolf. Now a princess! Now a space princess!

Gifts: Echo Dream (8), Flesh of Earth (8), Heart of Water (10), One Step Ahead (1e), All Doors Locked (1e), Eyes of the Dead (10)
Boundary Ward (demons : her cabin)
5 Willpower

Base Stats: Int 4, Wis 2, Res 2, Str 1, Dex 2, Sta 4, Pre 3, Man 4, Com 2 (Striking Looks 2)
Primal Urge: 3
Honor 3, Wisdom 4

Fleet of Foot 3

Important Items:
Sky Caller Trinket [Influence 4: Birds]
Allies: Rank 3 – Asari Contingent
Allies: Rank 2 –
Retainer: Rank 2 – Isabel Valewind

Princess Emily Pendragon

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